What are the best foods to sous vide?

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55% OFF FOR BOOKSTORES 55% OFF FOR BOOKSTORES Sous Vide is a cooking method that uses a slow, precise cooking temperature and results in restaurant-quality meals that are not only consistent but also incredibly delicious. This cooking technique has been around for a long time, but has reached its peak recently, thanks to the easy-to-use, pocket-friendly Sous Vide equipment. Sous Vide, which means under vacuum in French, is the process of vacuum-packing food, usually in a bag, and cooking it in water at a precise temperature. This may sound fancy, but apart from the fancy dishes, there is nothing complex about the cooking method. The process is per se simple, and involves three cooking steps: 1.Connect the sous vide machine to a pot of water and set the exact cooking temperature.2.Place the food in a sealable bag, remove excess air and seal it.3.Immerse the bag in the preheated water and cook for the time required for best results. If you want to add a crispy outer layer, you can finish your food by searing or grilling it. What are you waiting for? Get your copy now!

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We use carefully selected products -always of the highest quality so our dishes have more nutritional value and a great gastronomic quality. In addition, we handle them with all the care they need to always offer you the best.

Our fresh and good quality ingredients make our final product always have an added value, -more intense flavor, full of a range of textures and micro flavors that will make you notice the difference.

Nutritional plans, dietary restrictions, allergies, intolerances… are always an extremely important issue when serving our loved ones. If you need it, we will take into account the factors that you indicate when preparing your food or organizing your events.

Forget about the kitchen, the traffic, spending valuable time waiting in line to enter your favorite restaurant or risking your health just to eat a special treat, we will deliver your food to your door! Also for those days when you get together with friends, family or your partner, always look good with our 100% homemade dishes!  You can use our Pick&Go system, where we will have your food ready at the time you tell us, if you prefer.

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We use the most advanced cooking technology: Sous-Vide or vacuum cooking, a modern technique that allows cooking at low temperature while preserving the food’s own juice, and thus its original flavors and nutrients. This is the key to achieve better flavor and texture than with traditional cooking.  Thanks to the work of our masters in nutrition and cooking, you will be able to enjoy a healthy diet without having to go to the supermarket to choose the right foods or cook them in the right way. We do that for you, you just eat and enjoy! Our deliveries are made weekly in special thermal containers, which guarantees that you will receive your meals in perfect condition.

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The tradition of low and slow cooking (because it was cooked over low heat, for long periods of time) appeared during the eighteenth century in Virginia, United States, and was used for social purposes to gather families and friends. Little by little the popularity was increasing until it became what it is today, now, we can only experiment and mix these techniques with ingredients and dishes from other countries, in this, we join BBQ – Mexican. For some delicious Chipotle Brisket Tacos.

Heat the tortillas in a frying pan or grill, add some of the brisket with its reduction juice, place the shredded cabbage to give it crunch and freshness and on top put the taco sauce, add cilantro if you like to give it intensity and color.

Asian food is definitely one of my favorites, the mix of sweet and salty flavors are truly stimulating to the palate. This recipe is more oriented to Chinese-American food, since that is where this type of dishes, so well known in our region, are born.  Chinese-American cuisine is a type of fusion cuisine that arose from Chinese immigrants who traveled to the United States and North America during the 19th century. This cuisine evolved in tastes and ingredients to the point that the dishes served in certain Chinese restaurants in the United States reached an entity of their own. Some of these preparations became very popular, and by extension, spread to many other Western countries, adapting their style to local tastes, and thus differing slightly from Chinese cuisine.

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